Friday, November 10, 2006

PANORAMA goes in and uncovers what i already knew !!

" We can keep an eye on them until they walk to the end of that path. Once they turn left or right we haven't got a clue what they are doing."

Senior hostel worked
Speaking when secretly recorded

THANKYOU PANORAMA.... For highlighting this problem.
If you read my latest news clippings posted on the right it covers this subject more in depth.

Why should prisoners have the option of applying for early release?

who gets to decide if they are to be released or not ?

The victims should have more say !!

We as a nation need to protect each other and need to stand together to make changes in the laws.

what can we do ? leave comments questions here to find out more.


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Anonymous said...

We allow Government to ignore the and to deliberately hold back new laws that would help those who suffer. We have a Prime Minister who is sexist. Iam sure there are many who are to ignorant of how these people destroy their victims lives you only have to look at what happens when an awful act is made against a child or a women. I was counselling a women who was being abused and was a victim of violence her husband did this to her the problem was her husband was a policeman she felt she had nowhere she could go because even the police know where the refuges are in their area she kjnew they would not want to believ her Ioffered to go with her she was too frightened she had to return to this awful life because of who her husband was.