Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Future is in His Hands !!!!!

The time has come ,the perpertrator.... is free .how can this be?
My boy ,Dan no longer here to suffer along side. In Fear
His fathers violence,the nightmares caused ,the head spinning
There's no remedy, no cure ..for what has passed, what he saw.
Threats too many ,weigh heavy on shattered minds
Losing Dan,the biggest pain,the deepest loss
With no real time to grieve,my broken heart will never mend.
How can one man have such evil power over so many
Do such damage and then walk free
Why does he have the right to breathe ,when my son does not.
What will he do with this new found freedom
Will he come? will he kill?
Will he destroy all the love i built
Will he end our dreams of a future bright
It's in his hands...we fear.
How are we to know what choices he makes?
Until it's too late.
We live each day...with his words ringing in our ears
We live each night awake, every smell, sound and all movement,alert
We dont actually live....we are existing
Until he decides the outcome
And Why? Because the Law gives him that right.
The Law cannot hold him prisoner for ever
Yet we are prisoners for the rest of our lives
And We Are the Victims.
I have never understood the sentencing
In the sense ..it's too weak to deter evil .
I have battled and petitioned ,begged and pleaded
Lost Two children
What more does this government and law system want from me
How much more pain must i endure
How many more lives does it take,to get heard,to make that change ?
How blind and deaf the rulers of our lives are
We must open their eyes to the harsh reality
Scream in their ears of the pain we suffer
The only ones that can truly understand are those
That walk the path of fear
and unfortunately the numbers are growing.
Why arent we then the controllers of our lives?
Maybe we should be the ones who set sentence
As we are the ones who know how deep this goes and how far it spreads
It will continue to do so....until the changes are made
If it were life for life ,my perpertrator would have to die twice
If I was vengeful I would end it now,by becoming like him
Take him out ....so the rest of my children could be free
But then where does that leave me?
It's not within me , he knows that
and that, I fear, is what made me a victim
I could not be violent
I could not purposefully cause pain and loss
I have a mind , I have a heart and a soul
If I were to revenge Dans recent death
I would become like him.
So....the result.
Live in fear and pray justice will be done one day.

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