Thursday, October 18, 2012



Wiggywoo said...

Hi. Just read through this blog. I am in a similar situation & always will be. There is absolutely no help.. How many times I've screamed you don't know what he's going to do tomorrow, but you know what he did yesterday.. I was wondering how people can get involved in your mission & ways we could volunteer to do anything?

rgoldylox said...

Lovely brave lady may I say how sorry I am that you and so many others suffer in this way.
My mother inlay was beaten by her first husband whilst my husband then four years old watched.
She was beaten so hard that she swallowed some of her teeth and lost most she was only 23 when she finally managed to get away already with two young children the sad thing was she had a family (mum and dad and brother ) but they were unaware of how bad things were till it was nearly to late. It seems unimaginable that the signs could be missed, but they obviously are!
My husband still lives with the scars finding it hard to have friends and trust people. He tends to hold people at a distance, I am one of the few people that he has ever let close and I count that as an honor as unlike his biological father he is a gentle kind loving man.
His Mumia remarried and is as happy as she ever expects to be in this world as it is at the moment.
Your right no one should live in fear!

Anonymous said...

No need to kid yourself...YOU ARE fact i have never been lonelier since the alarms been raised for me..YOU ARE ALONE WITH YOUR FEAR,YOUR PAIN.....YOU ARE ALONE... because nobody but YOU has to find the strenght to carry on with life,nobody but YOU ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy
I have just spent well over an hour looking at this blog and I would love to have the chance to share my story with you.
I was the child in a domestic violence situation and the things i saw i will never forget. me and my mum are best friends and we will always have each other, however we always have our past as well.

Wanderingscribe said...

Hi Mandy,

I wrote a book about my situation. It is called 'Abandoned: the true story of a little girl who didn't belong" by Anya Peters. My blog is, and my email address is Please email me I have something important to say to you about Jahmene.

What a talented artist you too are. You are both blessed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy,

Have been following X Factor. I hope the fact that your story is now out in the public arena will do some change for good & that you don't feel too exposed & vulnerable.

I am also from Swindon & appeared on Channel 4 news on Monday eve to talk about my experiences of Domestic Abuse. You can see the interview here along with a longer film

I have had very good feedback from Channel 4 - they have had a few calls from Dom Violence agencies to say they've seen a marked increase in self-referrals this week which is fab, and well worth feeling like I'm walking around with a flashing neon sign above my head!

Take good care & I will definitely follow your blog, some really great info on here!

Katy x

Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy

I to suffered from domestic violence and found the strenght to leave with my children. I feel very luck as it was not on yr level of violence. My experience was once i did leave some but not all police officers would help but the judges should hold their heads down in shame. I lost count how many times my ex husband broke his restriction order. on the bottom of the order stated that if the order was broke then he should get £5,000 fine and 5 years in prison. finally we ended up in crown court and he got £150 fine and 150 hours community service. All other fines and community services from visiting courts so many times were dropped. Every offence i had witneses. I with 3 children was left with bars at my windows and security doors and an alarm. he walked the streets free and we were imprisoned in our home frightened. he has now gone on to theft and for that he has told people his sentencing is looking at 7 years..... Wheres the justic for us its all for the criminal. no faith in the justic system. This needs to improve as officers are trying to help for no reason as the courts do nt back them. if the courts dont get strict then these cases will never decrease.
Good luck and your son is fantastic, tell him hes lovely just the way he is.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this makes a difference, is helpful or proper what but I'd like anyone out there to realise that if they were to get an untraceable pay-as-you go phone and put the number in forums like this one, invite people to leave a voice message and DONT give them your home address but do give them a name and description of the guy via SMS and a shopping centre he frequents and a time he is there, then you would perhaps find that there are people willing to help you.
The alternative is to watch your life get flushed down the toilet along with the lives of your kids at the hand of a guy that I guarantee you is less dangerous with both shoulders in plaster.

Anonymous said...

So proud of you and your gorgeous son! Your words and truth will give others hope. Much love. xxx

Anonymous said...

peoPle say just leave its never that easy ..the morning I was strangled with my own dressing gown wrapped around my neck I knew I would end up dead.. I went to work with my false smile dreading going home I couldn't I just couldn't take any more I confided in a friend and from my work the head phoned the police for me ... Ladies and men find ur strength you are worth more than ending up on a cold slab because if some b*****d xx