Thursday, September 14, 2017


Ministers have confirmed they will press ahead with plans to make it easier for domestic abuse survivors to register to vote anonymously.

Under existing legislation, domestic abuse survivors must provide a court order or have their application supported by a senior independent witness, such as a police superintendent, in order to appear anonymously on the electoral register.
These strict requirements have deterred many from registering at all – prompting a campaign by charities and survivors to make it more accessible.
The government’s changes will increase the number of people who can act as witnesses, including medical and healthcare professionals and refuge workers, and expand the type of evidence which can be put forward.
Chris Skidmore, Minister for the Constitution, said:
Ensuring every eligible person is able to vote is a matter of social justice. Every voice matters and this government will continue to encourage our record levels of democratic participation by ensuring we have a democracy that works for everyone.

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msrosy45 said...

My mother and I were abuse physically by my father for many many years. I stood up to him at 17 I was 6 when it started. I found my mother sliding down the wall with his hands around her neck. I hit him with the poker till he stopped and was bleeding. She was alive and I called the police. They came to the door and my father told them to F off so they did. When I called and asked why. They said it’s a domestic family afair they had no rights to interfere this was 1963. At 23 I left home and threatened him that if ever he touched her again I would go to prison for him. He then broke both her ankles and her ribs she then divorced him and given a bed sit flat. But then was so scared to live there she moved in with me. For 7 years. When she died at 85 in 2006 she said that the last 20 years of her life were the best. I never saw him again. I was to afraid of wheat I would do to him. As a nurse I didnt want to waste anymore of my life for him. He died in 2010. I was relieved he suffered and awful death with dementia. And neumocoliosis.