Sunday, March 31, 2013

Government cut backs on domestic violence hit me where it hurts womens aid donations

All donations however big or small make all the difference and help in so many ways, from clothing a child saving a life.

The Government make so many cut backs each time there's a new election that refuges are struggling to stay open .In fact many have closed already !

 What does this mean you may ask ?

 The truth is is taking the choices away from those in fear .'Staying' Becomes the only choice as there's nowhere to turn to, to escape to. The choice between life and death in many cases !

Personally I don't think the government have a clue ....or even care about how 'our lives ' are affected by their cut backs, their sentencing their 'justice'?  system. Clearly , it doesn't work.Hasn't for a long time now.Someone with 'real vision' needs to wake up the system and make the changes that NEED to happen.To SAVE lives !!!

I could write a book on experiences , knowledge,stats and what needs to be done.A voice is what we need in the right places. Why we go unheard and swept under the carpet is beyond logical thinking. The government needs to deal with what's real.We need to explain what 'real' means by voicing our experiences.They need to listen and money needs to go in the right places.This 'problem' won't go away.Cut backs will cause deaths and suffering.Human rights were laid down in the acts of law to protect victims.How i see it ....perpertrators abuse the human rights act and use it to their advantage.Victims are always cut back on ,abused and treated worse than the perpertrator.Just this section of this subject is raw and real and needs to change.So many things need to change. We need united voice.Domestic violence is a serious subject and clearly does not get the right amount of advertising .Other charities get a lot more voice on air. Why does the government not take this seriously and fund it properly ? maybe we need to do a global questionaire on this subject to see how each country deals with it.

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