Saturday, March 30, 2013

Simplistic in my wants and needs

Vulgar words spill and fill
this corrupted world
in which  I must abide.
My tortured soul,
 so longs a rest.
As each night does speed
and fails each test.
Burdens, woes and sorrow, shakes
my very bones with weights,  ache
transparent bodies,fake
of lies and hate
bounce off the walls
 of the world I hate
This alien place
 to which I cannot relate
I beg a separation
 from this sensless state
Tablet transition
takes a trip too late.
Demons have demanded
my demise, my fate.
Burnt and blistered
Battered as bait
A conundrum
I simply cannot equate
Freedoms game teases
as I’m forced to wait
Times doorway
drastically dilates
A dispensable statistic

Disappears…. Too late ?

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