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I’m an author, public speaker, founder & director of Breaking the Silence, Recently awarded West Midlands Woman of the Year (2015), Most Inspirational Woman (2015) & Community Champion Asian Business Awards (2016).
I experienced and suffered years of mental and physical abuse at the hands of my family and later by ex-partners. My family that should have loved & protected me the most treated me the worst. From age 7, I was molested, beaten, mentally abused and later almost killed.
I stayed silent for 20 years, my abusers taunting me repeatedly that no one would listen and there would be no escape – but they were wrong – and when I finally found the courage to break the silence, a project was born, Breaking the Silence! (
Sadly I am not alone, statistics show 1 in 3 are experiencing abuse. There are many women who suffer abuse at the hands of partners and even family members...and are imprisoned in fear. 
Breaking the Silence's mission is to establish a refuge for mothers and children as well as single women.

*  Women and their families arrive in refuges all across the country with only the clothes they are wearing.  It's a desperate measure to escape a violent home. No-one leaves everything behind unless they have to.

*  It takes a while to sort out their finances (bank details can be used by ex-partners to track them down) so without access to funds they are entirely reliant on the support of others. 

What We Need & What You Get

We would like to purchase the most ideal and perfect property that we have located as opposed to renting a property so that there is no monthly rental, mortgage or loan to have to pay back. The funds received will go directly to ensuring each woman and child that come through our doors are not concerned or pressured into having to pay rent. Each woman will be free to have all the help and support they need as soon as they walk through our doors. We do not want to be government-funding reliant, but have amazing partners and friends stand with us.
With funding that has been limited for so many out there, we do not want to be put in a situation where we would have to subjected to closing down, as so many other women’s refuges are now facing.
One bedroom in the house will be occupied by an onsite worker. The remaining 16/17 bedrooms will be fitted out comfortably to accommodate mother and children per room on one floor as well as single women on another, enabling us to accommodate each one that needs the help.
The general use of all communal areas will be stylishly fitted out as a retreat such as our lounge, dining room, tranquility & beauty room.  The day care coach house, will include a homework room.
The kitchen will be of a commercial standard and will be the heart of healthy meals and the delivery of cooking lessons to aid life skills.
We will be looking for volunteers to help with the children's daily activities and therapists to help both women and children deal with what they have endured.
CCTV will be fitted throughout the house, coach house, general areas and exterior of the property for added security.
The property has been listed as a 12 bedroom house, however there is room for development which will increase the house to 18 bedrooms which will all have en-suites, including lounges, receptions etc. 

Where the money is going

Our current target is towards purchase and re-development of the house.
Every amount donated will help those in need.
The breakdown below is the total needed to create this safe haven:
·  £500,000 to purchase the property
·  £150,000 to renovate the property, to furnish the house, bedrooms, communal areas and kitchen, purchase toys, clothes, install CCTV security etc
·  £50,000 towards workers salaries including therapists
Total Required £700,000.00

Any additional funds raised will go towards the running of the house along with staff. 
No one should have to live in abuse...but they need somewhere safe to go.
Help them to be part of a change...
Please give generously so we can help them. Thank you.

The Change

The difference it will make to the lives that we will help, cannot almost be put into words...
*  For those who have suffered abuse... They will have a safe, stable home to thrive in and recover from their experiences. They will be helped each step of the way and when they are ready, supported to move into their permanent home.
*  For our "befriender"... They will be able to give back. We will be giving each women a time to heal and then pay it forth to the next survivor who has managed to break free and help them have a better chance of a future.
Other Ways You Can Help
If you are able to give, then please do - 
If you are unable to give at this time we would be very grateful if you could send this to anyone you know who may be interested in supporting the project, so that we are able to fund the invaluable work.
Thank you in advance.
Your generosity will not go unseen, we will be forever grateful.

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