Wednesday, September 14, 2016



On Sunday evening, in a one hour special episode, millions of listeners discovered that Helen Titchener was found ‘not guilty’ in her trial for stabbing her abusive partner, Rob.
Women’s Aid, along with survivor ambassador Mandy Thomas, worked with the writing team to direct them in their understanding of domestic abuse and the situation many survivors find themselves in. We will continue to do so, as although the verdict was fantastic news, Helen’s story is not over yet. In fact, in many ways Helen and women like her are at their most vulnerable now, which is why continued support is vital.
We’re proud to have had input into this storyline, to help increase conversations about and understanding of domestic abuse but also to show that it isn’t only violence that survivors must endure. Domestic abuse also encompasses emotional abuse, gaslighting and coercive control – behaviour designed to belittle and confuse the victim, which the character of Rob did throughout his relationship with Helen. The storyline also illustrated that there’s not ‘one type’ of survivor – it can happen to anyone, anywhere – something our survivors touch on in our short film about their experiences.
The National Domestic Abuse Helpline (run in partnership with Refuge) is open 24/7 on 0808 2000 247

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